I so want this ring from Stone & Honey. I don’t normally wear orange/yellow, but for some reason this is calling my name.
Next time I have some extra spending money laying around, I’m going for it.


i do my best.

I’ve been wanting to make a shirt like this forever!! I saw a girl wearing a shirt with a big bow on it the other day and finally had to go for it. It was surprisingly difficult to find the right shirt, I guess it’s the wrong season for tank tops. I found this one on clearance at Loft – it’s super comfy, on the longer side, and has the neckline I was looking for. I made the bow out of one of my favorite fabrics ever and pinned it to the shirt while I was wearing it – then took it off and stitched it in place, all the corners and the middle.

I have yet to wear it, but it’s still hot here so I guess I’ll get a chance soon enough.

new things.


On a break from work, and making changes. I’m thinking of combining my blog for jewelry with this blog…then maybe I can keep up with one regularly instead of ignoring both (which I do now!).

One last big craft fair for me this weekend, and I’m spending this week coming up with new & different things to offer. Also fixing up displays and such that have become battered over the last year of being carted around. The above little doodads were made into simple headbands, which I think I’ll end up keeping for myself. :)

I guess it seems like I forgot about this blog. I kinda did, but not really. I just moved and everything is still a little out-of-sorts…I’ve completely dropped any sort of routine I had before.

A lot of new projects & adventures are in the works right now, I hope to be able to document them a little here as they happen so I don’t forget all about them later!

I’ve been reading a lot to pass the time at work, otherwise I sort of feel like my brain is disintegrating. This is my favorite so far, I read it super fast! It’s sweet and funny in a sad way. I guess it sort of reminded me to start posting here again. :)



I love this and want to wear it every day! I sequins sooo much! from seesong on etsy.

I’m pretty sure I have not worn a swimsuit since like…senior year of high school. I don’t even own one. I rarely go swimming or to the beach, so I haven’t really needed one. That works out well, because the thought of trying on & buying swimsuits kinda terrifies me. Lately I have been thinking it might be a good idea to have one,  just in case, and I’ve found a few on etsy that I could probably handle wearing. They’re custom made, which is awesome because then it’s sure to fit! And it seems like most makers-of-swimsuits are willing to alter the design slightly to allow for more/less/different coverage. And they’re surprisingly affordable! Not that I can afford one.. :P If I could, these 4 are my top picks…I just now realized that they’re all pretty much the same shape! At least I have consistent taste. :)

I’m leaning toward the top one because it’s a two-piece…

party planning.

this July is my parents’ 30th anniversary, so my sister and wanted to throw a little party. except that our family is pretty huge and there’s no such thing as a little party with us. since we’re on a super tiny budget, we decided to keep it simple and have it picnic-style at a city park.

we want to go with a classic picnic theme: picnic blankets & baskets, easy finger food (mostly dessert!), and fun, colorful decorations. and horseshoes!

not much has been done in the way of  planning just yet, but will be soon as it’s only a month away! I’ve collected a bunch of old pictures of them through the years that I want to do something fun with, other than a traditional photo board…creative suggestions welcome!

these super easy save the dates were made in Microsoft Word (fonts downloaded from here), printed on cardstock, then machine stitched to manila tags with some vintage blue thread. red and white gingham ribbon tied through the hole and done!